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Process Control

We manage our whole manufacture process based on the ERP management system.

ERP management system which significantly improve our machining quality and process control


The ERP management system refers to the complete control of the sales order, purchase order, bill of material, storage of parts and components.
Because of the ERP management system, every department could research and check the status of every
product in every order in time. It is help us to control the whole process that all departments could review
proudct datas, find the mistake or problem, discuss and make the modify decision very quickly.

Product Quality Control


During the whole manufacturing process, there are continuous inspections in different stages of the process
by qualified inspectors in order to compliance with the international standards, internal requirements and
customer satisfaction.



Key Points
●Qualified Raw Material Supplier(Foundry &Forging Factory)
●Chemical Element Inspection / PMI
●Physical Property Inspection (Tensile \ Hardness \ Impact)
●Dimensional Checking
●NDE (RT / UT / MT/ PT)
●Visual Inspection
●Pressure Testing,High Pressure Gas Test (Option)
●Torque Cycle & Function Testing
●Painting Thickness Testing